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PepsiCo is home to hundreds of brands around the globe. The ones representative for Romania are listed below.



Pepsi Cola is the flagship of all Pepsi brands. Refreshing the world for over 100 years, Pepsi Cola is the daring & optimistic brand for the youthful spirit. It inspires young people all over the world to get the most out of life, respecting the passion and the positive impact they can have on the world.

With an irresistible cola hit, taste and fizz, Pepsi Cola has the thirst quenching sensation that picks anyone up.

Pepsi Twist Lemon is the sharp version of Pepsi, with a touch of humor and exquisite irony. It is for those who appreciate the Pepsi taste, kick and personality, plus something more…a unique twist of lemon flavor that makes the best tasting, most refreshing cola experience ever.
Pepsi Max is not a diet cola, but a cool cola… that happens to have no sugar. It is the brand that empowers you and your mates to get the most out of life, by demonstrating your independence and self expression. Pepsi max is the refreshing beverage that is doing no compromises.
Pepsi Light was created for the women who feel well in their body and life and choose this refreshing beverage as the only drink with great cola taste and no calories. Pepsi Light is the unique drink for the cosmopolite, independent and dynamic young women that are not afraid to be themselves in any situation.


7UP is the clear refreshment choice for young adults who have a clever and cool attitude towards life. 7UP is the first refreshing beverage with lime taste, sharpening the mind and senses.
Mountain Dew speaks for the young urban people seeking excitement, adventure and fun. It is the great tasting soft drink that exhilarates like no other because it is energizing, thirst quenching and has a unique citrus flavor. Mountain Dew speaks to those that are passionate about extreme sports, alternative music and all that is nonconformist.
Mirinda’s distinctive orange taste offers the intense fruit flavor and aroma hit that sets the imagination free to create an intense fun world of excitement. It is the beverage that satisfies the most sophisticated taste, blending the unique citrus flavor and cooling soda taste.

Tonic water

Apa Tonica Evervess Launched in 2005, Evervess Tonic was created for those who appreciate the refined tonic taste combined with alcoholic beverages. It is the brand for the classic and distinguished style.

Non-carbonated soft drinks

Lipton Ice Tea is world’s best-known brand in terms of Ice Tea, being available in over 56 countries worldwide. It is prepared from real tea leaves with a touch of natural fruit juice with no colorants or preservatives. In Romania, Lipton Ice Tea portfolio includes black tea flavors, such as Lipton Ice Tea Lemon, Peach & Raspberry, and green tea flavors, Green & Green Lemon.

Prigat is the brand that brings you the energy you need in day-to-day life. It’s the fruit-based drink for people who are always active and need energy in their every day activities. Always in the mood for fun and joking, Prigat is the brand that, along with energy, brings good humour in our lives. Prigat has a great variety of flavors you can choose from, and its portfolio includes still drink, juice and nectar.

Gatorade is the No.1 Sports Drink in the world. Gatorade rehydrates, replenishes and refuels the body which is subject to heat or effort. Gatorade puts back in the body the elements lost through sweat preventing dehydration and energizing.

Energy Drinks


Rockstar is the energy drink brand that helps you get things done in your active lifestyle. Available in a variety of flavors, the brand is for people who know what they want,who like to be the centre of attention – people who have a true Rockstar attitude.



Lay’s is the main snacks brand in PepsiCo portofolio and no 1 potato chips brand in the world.

As you always look for the real things then you also look for the real taste given only by Lay’s as it is made of true potato! With tasty Lays you always go for the real thing!

In order to obtain the real taste, we have selected the best looking potatoes. 100% natural. Without preservatives and artificial colorants. Made only from real potato slices. Main flavors include Salted, Chicken, Cheese, Barbeque, Paprika, Sour Cream & Dill.

Logo Star

The STAR brand brings together under the same umbrella the traditional and flavored pufuleti snacks, popcorn, peanuts and seeds to suit the taste of the entire family. The pufuleti snakcs, based on corn, are a traditional Romanian snack, balanced and nutritious, made to suit the appetite for something delicious and familiar at the same time. The popcorn is very tasty, made out of 100% natural ingredients, from the best crops, a perfect snack for a night at the movies, along with your loved ones. The STAR brand also contains peanuts, pistachio and seeds which are all 100% natural and nutritious, perfect for sharing with family and friends.

Logo Krax

The Krax Portfolio is destined for active teenagers looking for a different way of expressing themselves. Krax is your favourite crunchy snack, helping you get noticed and make new friends!
Produced from corn flour and maize flour, enriched with natural flavours and natural identical, with an Energy value of 250 Kcal/per portion, Krax snacks speaks your language every time you’re hungry.
  Doritos believes everyone has an Inner Boldness that’s waiting to be released. We aspire to champion those who embrace their Inner Boldness, who act with confidence, live fully engaged and always remain true to themselves. We seek to inspire them through our own behavior, leading them by example. Doritos is for the bold.



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Selected candidates for Butterfly Effect Internship 2017

We are happy to announce the applicants selected for the BIG phase of Butterfly Effect Internship 2017:


Alina Ionescu, Alexandru – Andrei Sîrbu, Maria – Theodora Dumitru, Georgiana Nițu, Adelina Nicolov, Simona-Mădălina Chirilă, Alexandra Bălăceanu, Florentina – Andra Codreanu, Elena – Valentina Dina, Veronica Iordache, Dragoș Munteanu, Silvia – Cristiana Buturcă, Anișoara – Mirela Anghel, Cosmina-Florența Matei, Maria Nohai, Patricia-Ancuţa Paraschiv, Elena Tiu, Ștefania – Violeta Pascal, Elena Banea, Delia Ruxandra Gheorghe, Razvan George Jinga, Larisa Mihaela Matei, Laurențiu Roman, Elena Corina Dumitru, Diana Georgiana Dragomir, Florina – Simona Tudoroiu, Constantin Butnaru, Andreas Athanasios Simitzis, Ionuț Bogdan Raicu, Teodor Cătălin Mocanu, Elena Gabriela Stănescu.


Thank you to all of you who have applied and congrats to our new interns!

biletul zilei cu meciuri din fotbal omnibet biletul zilei de azi la pariuri sportive

The Butterfly Effect Internship 2017 is Now Open!

You can apply for the 8th edition of the Butterfly Effect Internship Program 2017.

Explore our site, see what our last edition’s participants have to say about the experience.

If you want to find out more about PepsiCo and about the internship come and meet us!

We are coming to your university.

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