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Testimonials from 2014 interns

Tiberiu Badea

Intern 2014: Tiberiu Badea (DTS Sales Manager Beverages Assistant)
I think it would be fair to talk about my PepsiCO experience by comparing it with the university period. We all have been there or still are.

We all know that in university we have responsibilities from which we can dodge or which we can postpone for a while. Well, if you are reading this now, you wish to increase your responsibilities without any further delay option. These responsibilities will develop you professionally and also personally very fast. This is how this company runs. PepsiCo offers oportunities, you just need to assume them. The subsequent satisfaction will be great.
Your formerly scared intern, Tiberiu Badea.

Tiberiu Badea

Dragos Cojocaru

Intern 2014: Dragoș Cojocaru (Jr. Accountant)
I got up one morning and wanted to look for a job (I never worked before and I was in my 1st yr as a masters student) I saw an ad about the Butterfly Effect Intership and then I went to the Univerisity and there they were, holding a presentation about the Butterfly Effect Intership, which I decided to attend. 2 hours later I was home preparing my aplication. A month later, the phone rang telling me I was among the chosen ones.. 🙂
And so it started..
In the first 2 weeks my blood type went from 0+ to PepsiCo Blue. After hearing that I was chosen to stay over the summer, I actually got a bit scared because I was going to be given responsabilities, have a manager, tasks, reports to give to important people but it seemed that having all those things and working in finance was the right thing for me. There is something about PepsiCo that makes you want more, be more, excel at everything. It drives you, it makes you hungry for success.
The PepsiCo experience is something that every student should enjoy.

Dragoș Cojocaru

Diana Dobre

Intern 2014: Diana Dobre (Assistant Brand Manager Colas)
This is a story of a girl who was over the moon when she had found out the answer from the one and only PepsiCo! I applied and then had the luck to be part of the BIG stage, but here I had my first “challenge” for the department which I desired, did not take part in the Butterfly Effect 2014 program. Still, the respective department (trade marketing) had a presentation which obviously was amazing because that was the time when I met my mentor, manager, teacher and friend. She was also an observant person and after finding out what I wished, did everything in her power to take me as an intern. BOOST stage was great because I learned many things about myself, especially how much I am capable of; those things I thought I couldn’t do, PepsiCo showed me the contrary through amazing projects and people who always took the time to explain me the process/business.
Finally I’ve been BORN as a butterfly who is thrilled by day-to-day activity. It’s not a fairytale, it’s PepsiCo!

Diana Dobre

Bianca Anghela

Intern 2014: Bianca Anghela (Marketing Trainee Snacks)
The excitement and the happiness I felt the moment I was accepted for the first three months of The Butterfly Effect Internship can’t be described in words. The experience I had in Marketing Snacks Department made me realize that marketing was what I wanted to do from now on. It is a huge satisfaction to be involved in building a campaign, to see how all the work comes to life. I loved that my opinion was appreciated, that my colleagues offered me responsibilities and taught me so many things. Every new project is a challenge and the beautiful part is that each and every one of them made me learn new things.
Thank you, Butterfly Effect, for a perfect start of my career!

Bianca Anghela

Adela Păun

Intern 2014: Adela Păun (Jr. Commercialization Executive)
It’s amazing to have such a complete introduction into the business in just two weeks. Then, you can manage to get an opinion of what you would like to pursue further and maybe find out that what you are best at, is a bit different than what you think you want. The Butterfly Effect internship is the perfect place where theory and practice clash and PepsiCo is the place where you truly get to do what you want as long as you are fit for the job.

PepsiCo knows how to value your assets and the Butterfly Effect internship is the best place to start this wonderful journey in your career.
Thank you for this amazing opportunity!

Adela Păun

Cîmpeanu Alexandra

Intern 2014: Cîmpeanu Alexandra (Production FLM)
The Butterfly Effect Internship has proved to be one of the greatest oportunities I ever had. Right after my graduation, I had the chance to practice my qualification, food engineering, by learning from the best.
In the summer of 2014, my second family was Popesti Plant, a family that I`m proud of; they trusted me, wanted to teach me as much as possible, to make me grow and to show me that I can do more and better every time.

I`m happy that I had the chance to be an intern in Lay`s – Krax – Star`s kingdom, the PepsiCo snacks division, and I`m happier because I was given the opportunity to work here as a full time employee.
Thank you to my colleagues, my manager, my PepsiCo!

Cîmpeanu Alexandra

Andrada Teselman

Intern 2014: Andrada Teselman – (DTS Administrator)
”One of the most fulfilling periods of my life” that is how I would describe the time spent in the Butterfly Effect internship program.

People here are dedicated, open to any opinion and they encourage free thinking. During the internship program I have been continuously challenged to do things outside the box and when I would stumble, there would always be someone to steer me on the right path.
It’s true “Initial Choices do Influence Long Term Careers”.

Andrada Teselman


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Selected candidates for Butterfly Effect Internship 2017

We are happy to announce the applicants selected for the BIG phase of Butterfly Effect Internship 2017:


Alina Ionescu, Alexandru – Andrei Sîrbu, Maria – Theodora Dumitru, Georgiana Nițu, Adelina Nicolov, Simona-Mădălina Chirilă, Alexandra Bălăceanu, Florentina – Andra Codreanu, Elena – Valentina Dina, Veronica Iordache, Dragoș Munteanu, Silvia – Cristiana Buturcă, Anișoara – Mirela Anghel, Cosmina-Florența Matei, Maria Nohai, Patricia-Ancuţa Paraschiv, Elena Tiu, Ștefania – Violeta Pascal, Elena Banea, Delia Ruxandra Gheorghe, Razvan George Jinga, Larisa Mihaela Matei, Laurențiu Roman, Elena Corina Dumitru, Diana Georgiana Dragomir, Florina – Simona Tudoroiu, Constantin Butnaru, Andreas Athanasios Simitzis, Ionuț Bogdan Raicu, Teodor Cătălin Mocanu, Elena Gabriela Stănescu.


Thank you to all of you who have applied and congrats to our new interns!

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The Butterfly Effect Internship 2017 is Now Open!

You can apply for the 8th edition of the Butterfly Effect Internship Program 2017.

Explore our site, see what our last edition’s participants have to say about the experience.

If you want to find out more about PepsiCo and about the internship come and meet us!

We are coming to your university.

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