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Testimonials from 2016 interns


Alexandra Constantin

Intern 2016: Alexandra Constantin (Assistant Brand Manager)

The opportunity for an internship in the marketing department was the first step to the marketer career that I wish for. Here, I had the chance to really understand this field and to learn from professionals. I am surrounded by an amazing team, wiling to help me in my learning process and to help me overcome my limits.

Certainly what I have learned last summer has far exceeded what I was able to learn in a year of college and the experiences I went through facilitated my growth both professionally and personally. Butterfly Effect Internship is an opportunity that any student who tries to shape his professional development should take. This program will provide a new perspective and will unlock new opportunities along the way.

Alexandra Constantin



Alexandru Enache

Alexandru Enache

Intern 2016: Alexandru Enache (Material Data Expert)

I can say that the Butterfly Effect Internship was a perfect match for me. The program is structured really effective to find what you enjoy doing. Butterfly Internship is like a treasure hunt, designed in a way that with every step you will find a clue for your dream career. Here I had the opportunity to meet unique people willing to share their experience and, above all, eager to help, and for that I want to thank them.


My advice for the next participants of the program is to bring with them as much energy as possible, be open and smile, the smile of our generation can destroy any barrier. And in the end, choose PepsiCo, it`s all about Possibilities.


Alexandru Enache



Elena Preda

Elena Preda

Intern 2016: Elena Preda (Assistant Brand Manager Lipton)

The program within PepsiCo company, Butterfly Effect internship, has left its mark not only on my summer vacation but also on my professional development. The best part was that my colleagues have ensured that I was involved in all the projects that were taking place at that time. They trusted me, I had responsibilities from the beginning and they made me feel part of the team.


Throughout the internship, I had not only colleagues, but several mentors and I had a lot to learn from each of them. I have met only open minded and beautiful people from whom I learned both valuable life lessons and useful information.


It has been one of the best experiences so far and I would not give it up for anything!

Elena Preda



Florin Rata

Florin Rata

Intern 2016: Florin Rata (Commercial Planning Analyst)

If I had not applied for Butterfly Effect program, I’d still be at home without knowing what to do with my time. For me, a simple idea to apply for this program has turned into a career discovery.

During the summer, because I have worked with open minded people, who are also passionate about their job, I was able to easily integrate in the company. In the Planning department, colleagues were always willing to provide me with advice and, with their help, I learned how to get the most out of my time, how to assume responsibilities and how to have fun while doing it. Thank you, PepsiCo!

Florin Rata


Iustinia Neagu

Iustinia Neagu

Intern 2016: Iustinia Neagu (Trade Governance Trainee)

Butterfly Effect Internship Program is a very good career start for everyone. It gave me the opportunity to answer one of the most difficult questions: what my career will look like?

Besides the fact that it gives you time to slowly adjust to the working life, the Butterfly Internship gives you a very valuable vision about how a company like PepsiCo works. The work environment is one that allows you to learn as much as you can, develop your skills, meet people in the company and, most importantly, to do all this with enthusiasm.

Iustinia Neagu


Diana Mitroi

Diana Mitroi

Intern 2016: Diana Mitroi (Sales Reporting Administrator)

Butterfly Effect Internship – or how to learn to stretch your “wings” in a completely professional environment. For me, Butterfly Effect has meant a development opportunity and the opportunity to gain experience in a field that is very dear to me – marketing.

From the Marketing Trainee role I got to have contact with inspiring people, from whom I had a lot to learn, and they gave me some of the “free spirit” specific to the Pepsi brand.

I can say that this experience helped not only understand the way that a multinational company works, but also it has offered me a better understanding over my future plans and objectives.

Diana Mitroi


Andrada Hurduc

Radu Vasilache

Intern 2016: Radu Vasilache (Finance Business Planning Trainee Snacks)


Am început vara timid,
Înscris într-un program sortit.
A fost placut când am simțit
Că drumu-n viață l-am gasit.

Departamentele la rând le-am vizitat,
De planning recunosc, am fost interesat.
N-aveam de un’ sa știu ca poate
În viitor, eu din echipa voi fi parte.

Prea multe despre PepsiCo eu n-am știut,
Așa am fost cu toții la-nceput.
Am învățat și-am reușit cu ajutor în toate
Problemele cotidiene a le combate.

Acum, privind cu bucurie-n viitor
Fluturasi, nu ezitati sa cereti ajutor!
Calatoria voastra as vrea sa fie
Un inceput … o armonie.

Radu Vasilache

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Selected candidates for Butterfly Effect Internship 2017

We are happy to announce the applicants selected for the BIG phase of Butterfly Effect Internship 2017:


Alina Ionescu, Alexandru – Andrei Sîrbu, Maria – Theodora Dumitru, Georgiana Nițu, Adelina Nicolov, Simona-Mădălina Chirilă, Alexandra Bălăceanu, Florentina – Andra Codreanu, Elena – Valentina Dina, Veronica Iordache, Dragoș Munteanu, Silvia – Cristiana Buturcă, Anișoara – Mirela Anghel, Cosmina-Florența Matei, Maria Nohai, Patricia-Ancuţa Paraschiv, Elena Tiu, Ștefania – Violeta Pascal, Elena Banea, Delia Ruxandra Gheorghe, Razvan George Jinga, Larisa Mihaela Matei, Laurențiu Roman, Elena Corina Dumitru, Diana Georgiana Dragomir, Florina – Simona Tudoroiu, Constantin Butnaru, Andreas Athanasios Simitzis, Ionuț Bogdan Raicu, Teodor Cătălin Mocanu, Elena Gabriela Stănescu.


Thank you to all of you who have applied and congrats to our new interns!

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The Butterfly Effect Internship 2017 is Now Open!

You can apply for the 8th edition of the Butterfly Effect Internship Program 2017.

Explore our site, see what our last edition’s participants have to say about the experience.

If you want to find out more about PepsiCo and about the internship come and meet us!

We are coming to your university.

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