About the program

Why did we name the program Butterfly Effect Internship?

The Butterfly Effect Theory suggests that the power released by only one butterfly’s wings flap, can amplify over time, to eventually influence weather patterns thousands of miles away! The Starting Point of a Career for a high flyer can power over time, the entire career track, up to the extent of defining the amount of flavor in it. So, Initial Choices do influence Long term Careers. Choose Right! Choose PepsiCo!

What is the objective of the Program?

The program is built as an interactive journey on pillars (phases), designed to attract (BIG), develop (BOOST), filter and recruit (BORN) talents with cross-functional abilities out of universities undergraduates.

Which are the phases and their time frame?

  1. Business Institute for future Graduates (BIG) 15- 26th MAY 2017
  2. Building Opportunities by Ongoing Sustaining Talent (BOOST) – paid summer Internship SUMMER > JUNE > SEPTEMBER 2017
  3. Building On-boarding for the Recruited Newcomers (BORN) – September 2017

What is each phase all about?

1. BIG – Business Institute for future Graduates: Will take place in Bucharest HQ + On the Field + Factories, will be sustained by an Internal Training Team, the Booster Coach Team, which will perform functional training sessions for the selected students and will organize & conduct workshops by assessing at the same time the participants and choosing the best of them at the end of the Institute.

2. BOOST – Building Opportunities by Ongoing Sustaining Talent (Summer Internship Program) The 3 month actual internship will take place in Bucharest HQ, designed for interns with cross functional abilities (the ones filtered in the first stage (BIG)) taking them through a journey of understanding the business and getting cross functional exposure. Interns will be hired on determined period contract and will receive the salary of an entry level in PepsiCo.

3. BORN (Building On Boarding for the Recruited Newcomers) Another period of time in which the newly Recruited Best Interns get further familiarized with the organization, by going through a Structured On boarding Program. * The Company does not guarantee employment at the end of the Program. The employment is subject to entry level openings available at that time. If there is no opening available when the program ends, the participant will become part of the preferential candidates pool and will be contacted when an entry level job becomes open.

Why choose this Internship Program?

It is a journey that will enhance and shape your people skills and decision making abilities. The best part about it is that it was created like a competition though offering the participants the opportunity to gain something whatever the phase they reach is. So, if you are amongst the 20 students initially selected to participate in BIG phase you will get a fully flavored training experience in all functions and the chance to become familiarised with how things go in a giant company. If you are still in the game in the second phase, BOOST (the actual Internship) amongst the chosen students, you get a paid summer job in a multinational, the chance to work with professionals and have lots of fun throughout a fully flavored 3 months experience. After BOOST you might become our colleague. Permanently! And here starts an amazing journey full of possibilities for you…

Which is the profile we are looking for?

  • Student in the 2nd or 3rd year (preferably, not as a rule)
  • High capacity of decision making
  • Leadership attitude
  • Innovative
  • Results driven and flexible
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Ethical
  • Influencing and building networking ability
  • Proficiency in English
  • Good Command of MS Office, especially Excel

How do I apply?

1) You just hit this link and click the Apply now! link at the bottom of the page

2) You will then be asked to login into your account or create a new account (this will require you upload your CV)

3) After you complete this step you can access the application form where you will find a set of questions (like a mini interview) which you need to answer:

– short essay (no more than 1000 words)

– a set of  four open questions (your answer should not exceed 300 words).

4) Based on applications, selected students will be contacted to participate in a face-to-face assessment.

When do I find out if I was elected to participate in the first phase of the Internship (BIG)?

The chosen students will be announced on May 8th 2017 on the site!

How do I find out more about the Program?

You can send us your questions by contacting the Internal Booster Coach PepsiCo team: internship.info {la} pepsico.com!

*The Company does not guarantee employment at the end of the Program. The employment is subject to entry level openings available at that time. If there is no opening available when the program ends, the participants will become part of the preferential candidates pool and will be contacted when an entry level job becomes open.

Butterfly Effect Internship Program 2017 – view details and apply.


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Selected candidates for Butterfly Effect Internship 2017

We are happy to announce the applicants selected for the BIG phase of Butterfly Effect Internship 2017:


Alina Ionescu, Alexandru – Andrei Sîrbu, Maria – Theodora Dumitru, Georgiana Nițu, Adelina Nicolov, Simona-Mădălina Chirilă, Alexandra Bălăceanu, Florentina – Andra Codreanu, Elena – Valentina Dina, Veronica Iordache, Dragoș Munteanu, Silvia – Cristiana Buturcă, Anișoara – Mirela Anghel, Cosmina-Florența Matei, Maria Nohai, Patricia-Ancuţa Paraschiv, Elena Tiu, Ștefania – Violeta Pascal, Elena Banea, Delia Ruxandra Gheorghe, Razvan George Jinga, Larisa Mihaela Matei, Laurențiu Roman, Elena Corina Dumitru, Diana Georgiana Dragomir, Florina – Simona Tudoroiu, Constantin Butnaru, Andreas Athanasios Simitzis, Ionuț Bogdan Raicu, Teodor Cătălin Mocanu, Elena Gabriela Stănescu.


Thank you to all of you who have applied and congrats to our new interns!

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The Butterfly Effect Internship 2017 is Now Open!

You can apply for the 8th edition of the Butterfly Effect Internship Program 2017.

Explore our site, see what our last edition’s participants have to say about the experience.

If you want to find out more about PepsiCo and about the internship come and meet us!

We are coming to your university.

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