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Training modules & Internal Booster Coach Team

Here is a flavor of what the modules within the BIG phase of the Butterfly Effect Internship Program will include. The virtual tour is offered by The Booster Coach Team!

Antonia Iordache

Antonia Iordache

Program Initiator: Antonia Iordache – Central Europe & Greater Balkans Change, Culture & Engagement HR Manager
I was 23 years old when I got hired at PepsiCo as Organizational Management Assistant, within the HR department. When I received the offer, I felt the joy that probably a movie enthusiast feels when buying the last available ticket to the premier of the greatest adventure film of all times. For me, PepsiCo was the 3D pair of glasses which helped me see not only the business world, but the actual world, the people and life in general from unknown, multiple angles and which continues to reveal new perspectives every day. And because, indeed, initial choices influence long term careers, after 9 years, I am the Change, Culture & Engagement HR Manager for Central Europe & Greater Balkans and I feel like PepsiCo is the environment which suits me, which provokes me, which allows me to be myself and encourages me to imprint my work, which recognizes my performances and, last but not least, which makes me feel like I’m at home. One of my projects and maybe the closest to my heart is the Butterfly Effect Internship. It is the first internship program in Romania with a 100% local concept, developed in-house and promoted using unconventional advertising channels. The Butterfly Effect is a beautiful story about given chances, about won bets, about hopes, dreams, teams…about people. Today, I am the colleague of many of the participants from the first four editions and I am proud to be working alongside them within PepsiCo. I often smile when I attend meetings with them, thinking that an internship program has managed to turn some ambitious youths into real specialists, who have given themselves the chance to start a career in a successful company. I’m happy that the Butterfly Effect will continue in 2017 also, with the 8th edition, with the involvement of lots of PepsiCo colleagues, with a new generation of interns and with another flap of a butterfly’s wing.



Human Resources Full Flavor

As our CEO Indra Nooyi said, “people drive the success of our business and their own careers”. Our belief is that our business continues to grow through our employees and their performance and professional aims constitute one of the main engines of this growth. This module will take us through all the main HR processes that support and contribute to the continuous development of our business and of our people: the journey begins with getting to know the company culture, the values and principles that guide us in our activity.

The next step is to understand that the key of having great talents in your team is to attract the best and brightest, to retain and develop them, so we will discover the secrets behind a successful recruitment, the continuous need to grow and develop our employees, to reward and pay them according to their performance and last but not least how to constantly win their hearts and minds. Performance with purpose is not just a phrase, we believe in it and we act upon it, we are a partner for the long run…you will want to join us for sure!


Finance & Figures – let’s get closer!

It will consist in general info about financial concepts and financial statements, but it will also include a practical exercise asking the participants to prepare and understand correlations in financial statements. Also, during the module, participants will have the opportunity to grasp some info regarding Pepsico’s financials for Romania. Interactivity will be a key component and also… presents will be granted to winners!!

Walentin Stefanov

Walentin Stefanov

Booster Coach: Walentin Stefanov – Finance Commercial Director East Balkans


I am a Senior Finance Leader with round experience in FMCG (beverages, food, tobacco, health, cosmetics) with both commercial and operations finance areas, I participated in a large-scale system implementation (SAP), new business integration, have managed large departments (+70), with cross border and cross function projects. My career in PepsiCo started in 2007 as Financial Controller for Romania where I had to manage a very complex and demanding Control agenda after PepsiCo acquired the local snacks business. After several years in which I have held various roles in Control for the Balkans area, including integrating the beverages and snacks businesses. Starting with 2014, I was appointed as Sr. Commercial Finance Manager (equivalent Market Unit CFO role) for East Balkans. In this position, along with the Commercial Director (market acting GM) I am leading the business agenda for Romania, Bulgaria & Moldova in order to put Smiles on a Billion Faces on clients, customers and our employees. As background I have graduated ASE, ACCA and completed a IEDC MBA program. I am married and have a one and half years old daughter. Sport is part of my life and I encourage everyone to adopt a healthy lifestyle and get ready for running towards a better life. For me, PepsiCo is an everyday great experience with lots of possibilities.



Adrian Tudoșcă

Adrian Tudosca

Booster Coach: Adrian Tudoscă – East Balkans Finance Controller


I started my finance career in 2007, when I joined Deloitte Audit, after graduating the Academy of Economic Studies – Finance and Banks Faculty. Even though I was dreaming in a banking or stock exchange career, I was attracted by the Big 4 mirage, which seemed untouchable for me back then. I developed my finance skills and technical knowledge in Deloitte and after a 5 years career in audit, where I succeeded to reach a mid-management position, I decided that it was time for a change, especially when I was approached by PepsiCo. I was delighted that a company like PepsiCo showed its interest on me and I was eager to start this new journey in my career. After two years in PepsiCo I am even more delighted by the choice made and I really believe that I do have a long journey ahead in this great company. PepsiCo helped me reaching my professional maturity, giving me the chance of having a team of 14 people at only 27 years old and supporting me in becoming ACCA and CECCAR. Now, I can definitely say that PepsiCo is all about possibilities.


Operations Management: Role, Structure and Responsibilities

Operations is the term used for the activities which produce and deliver products. The decisions it makes have a major impact on both the cost of producing products and how well the products are produced and delivered. Last but not the least, there is the impact on society; the most obvious example is in the environmental responsibility exhibited by operations managers.

Now you have the chance to see, to feel, to taste by yourself the activities and products that result after the great work that operations perform. Think just about getting part of the potato story: meeting an effective production and packaging line, getting familiar with the last technology used in the Lab for analysis, being part of the team that tastes and evaluates the products before they reach the consumer, and discussing with qualified people – you will see that the story becomes reality.

Laurentiu Apostu

Booster Coach: Laurentiu Apostu (Plant Manager Snacks) My name is Laurentiu Apostu, I am 42 years old and I hold the position of Plant Manager in the Snacks factory which is located in Popesti Leordeni.


I have gratuated the Politechnics University from Bucharest, Electrotechnics Faculty. I remember with pleasure the early years and I enjoy working with enthusiastic people who want to know more about what it means and how a factory works!


I have an experience of 24 years spent in several industrial factories, where I have started from the level of a front line employee, promoting successively in different positions. In 2006 I have joined PepsiCo Romania as Maintenance Engineer in the Technical Departament. Starting here it began a fantastic journey where I have made a considerable effort, I had great achievements, an active process of learning with expected results. I was promoted successively in more challenging roles and today I am honored to hold the position of Plant Manager.


After this experience I am convinced that PepsiCo is a company where the limit is “determined” by the employee. It depends on you how much you want to learn!



Building Brands

The Building Brands module invites you to find out what marketing is really about in PepsiCo, a company where The Brand is one of its most valuable assets. Understand how to build a marketing strategy that answers the basic question: “Why would someone buy our product and not our competitor’s?” Learn how to translate the marketing strategy into a detailed marketing plan with clear actions at the level of the four P’s of marketing: Product, Place, Price and Promotion. All in one, come and see how it is to be in the shoes of a PepsiCo marketer!

Cristina Radu

Cristina Radu

Booster Coach: Cristina Radu (Group Brand Manager CSD)

My journey in Pepsico started in 2015, after some 8 years spent in FMCG (confectionary and beer). I graduated Foreign Languages and a master in Project Management but due to happy occurences and a bunch of trusting mentors, I ended up working in Marketing- my irrefutable passion and call. I always say marketing is like glue. It sticks. And this comes from the fact that this „discipline” is not exactly that. It is a story. A long, never-ending story. It is both accurate and fact-based as it is subjective. It is both figures-oriented and quantifiable as it is gut-feel oriented. True marketing does not guarantee quick wins but rather more long-lasting stories built in time by people through memorability. And that’s the whole beauty of it. And that’s why I am very fortunate to be in one of the teams who write these stories. I do not have a teaching objective per se but rather more a strong desire to inspire you through these stories…and compell you to write your own.



Iulia Dobre

Booster Coach: Iulia Dobre (Marketing Activation Manager Snacks) I have been deeply in love with Marketing, starting with university years, when I studied it as main track. Today, I am more and more passionate about marketing with each campaign we implement. Since then, I have experienced brand management in several industries and came up with the conclusion that the FMCG sector is the most challenging, as brand management is the key function in the consumer products industry. I have worked for Pepsico for the last two years, starting as Senior Brand Manager for Snacks (Star brand) and being promoted one year later as Group Brand Manager for Lay’s, our potato chips brand. Being a brand manager is about having that sense of balance to keep a close eye on the big picture and also on the many facets and activities of marketing in detail. It is our daily job to distill the brand’s essence, map out our competitors, identify marketing opportunities, and be able to effectively communicate the unique benefits of our product . Together with the team, I take care of brand development and product marketing strategies. The Big question is how we can continue to stay authentic to who we are and therefore to the consumers we serve. We manage the brand and product positioning and strategies along with the brand communications on how we tell stories about us and our products. In the end, marketing and branding are about storytelling in order to truly leverage the power of the brand and our products, to truly win the hearts and minds of our consumers. I genuinely believe the core to effective marketing is good storytelling. The most exciting thing in this digital era we all experience is the ability to create new content forms, consumers generated. It really opens up possibility on how you can be creative.


Sales – Excellence through perseverance and focus

Everyday we offer our consumers the right products at the right moment and at the right place for every consumption occasion. Having as partners our customers in this every day mission, we strive to achieve the best and to reach our goals. In a market full of challenges, we become better in every activity with our stakeholders: retailers, direct customers, distributors, key accounts! Determinate, dynamic, team spirit, perseverance, passion….these are the words which describe our sales department in our everyday commitment! I am happy to invite you to the Sales Module, an interactive session which will take you through a 360 degrees tour within the Sales universe of FMCG.

Claudiu Dorcioman

Booster Coach: Claudiu Dorcioman (TT & OP Sales Manager Beverages)

I have joined the beverages business team 11 years ago as a Customer Representative and then moved forward to Sales Supervisor Bucharest. As a Supervisor I have coordinated a team of 7 customer representatives, being the youngest of the team. Within three years I was promoted to Branch Manager position for Arges area and took on logistics responsibilities along with sales. After two years spent in Pitesti I was offered the opportunity to continue my professional growth joining the Key Account Management team. In November 2008 I started as a Regional Sales Manager for Bucharest area, then GTM Lead, Capability Manager, PO1 OT Field Sales Manager and finally I have reached the position of Sales Manager DTS Beverages in my career. I am proud to be a able to look back and see that together with a strong team we have reached performance by sharing common goals, values and vision.


Marius Popa

Booster Coach: Marius Popa (OP Key Account Manager)

I have joined PepsiCo in 2007 and I have managed to fit in a united group, fueled by the determination to prove that I deserved to be part of this organization. In 2009, my efforts were rewarded, as I was promoted to the position of Lead BDR, having as a purpose, along with my team, bringing new On Premise clients to the company portfolio. The result started coming in and in 2011 I was promoted to the position of On Premise Development Manager, from which I hope to better help my colleagues in the every day battle with the competition and the hardships which we face. The biggest satisfaction of my work comes from seeing the disappointment in the eyes of the competition, knowing they’ve lost another client. I’m glad that my work in this company allows me to have this feeling of achievement.


IT Division

This module will give you an overall view of what this department is all about. Either if it’s offering solutions, providing support, coming up with innovative services & technologies, we can do IT all! Get in touch with our team of experts in this exciting module and get exposed to a world of possibilities

Nicolae Dumitru

Nicolae Dumitru

Booster Coach: Nicolae Dumitru (East Balkans Business Engagement Lead)

I have been working at PepsiCo for almost nine years and there was never a dull moment! Although I joined PepsiCo with an experienced background in software engineering and project leading activities, I found here new challenges that kept me in shape and, in the same time, offering me chances to evolve in my career. Being focused on delivery and on-going custody of the SAP solutions, I have learned how PepsiCo operates day-to-day, being able to contribute on improving the efficiency of internal processes. Today, I lead a vibrant team with excellent skillset that is ready to run the extra mile just to put a smile on our internal customer’s faces.


Butterfly Effect Internship Program 2017 – view details and apply.


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Selected candidates for Butterfly Effect Internship 2017

We are happy to announce the applicants selected for the BIG phase of Butterfly Effect Internship 2017:


Alina Ionescu, Alexandru – Andrei Sîrbu, Maria – Theodora Dumitru, Georgiana Nițu, Adelina Nicolov, Simona-Mădălina Chirilă, Alexandra Bălăceanu, Florentina – Andra Codreanu, Elena – Valentina Dina, Veronica Iordache, Dragoș Munteanu, Silvia – Cristiana Buturcă, Anișoara – Mirela Anghel, Cosmina-Florența Matei, Maria Nohai, Patricia-Ancuţa Paraschiv, Elena Tiu, Ștefania – Violeta Pascal, Elena Banea, Delia Ruxandra Gheorghe, Razvan George Jinga, Larisa Mihaela Matei, Laurențiu Roman, Elena Corina Dumitru, Diana Georgiana Dragomir, Florina – Simona Tudoroiu, Constantin Butnaru, Andreas Athanasios Simitzis, Ionuț Bogdan Raicu, Teodor Cătălin Mocanu, Elena Gabriela Stănescu.


Thank you to all of you who have applied and congrats to our new interns!

biletul zilei cu meciuri din fotbal omnibet biletul zilei de azi la pariuri sportive

The Butterfly Effect Internship 2017 is Now Open!

You can apply for the 8th edition of the Butterfly Effect Internship Program 2017.

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